Personal Workshop

This is a perfect combination of both, theory and practice!

We start from the 1 hour consultation to cover the questions you are interested in, and then we dive into practice in real life — by organising a photoshoot session OR by meeting for a post production process of photo editing.

This is what you get:

⦿ A fill-in form to analyse your interests and needs

⦿ 1 hour consultation about the marked topics

⦿ Organisation of a 1 hour photoshoot together (creating a concept, choosing location, choosing the model)

⦿ Helping to choose the light set up for the shoot

⦿ 1 hour of photo studio included

⦿ My assistance during your photoshoot — where I am able to help, answer questions and give you tips right as you shoot

OR…. instead of the photoshoot

⦿ Meeting for a 1-2 hours of post-production process in photo editing (Digital or mixed media editing)

PRICE: 300€

Personal Workshop (Riga, Latvia). Anna Omni — concept photographer and digital artist in Riga, Latvia