Boost your Photography Expertise

This is a perfect option to be ahead of everyone else and boost your progress by scheduling a one-on-one consultation, or signing up for mentorship tailored specifically to your needs and requests.

If you are located in Riga, Latvia, you can also check the option “Photoshoot Assistance”

Personal Consultation

This is a one-on-one experience, where you can get answers to your specific questions, gain feedback on your works with tips for improvement, or get a brief lecture on a specific topic from me.

✖️ How long is it going to be? 1 hour

✖️ When? After the payment is made, we will stay in contact and pick the best date and time for our meeting

✖️How? Online or offline (Riga, Latvia)

✖️ What is the price? 80€

Extra information: After signing up for the consultation, you will be sent out a fill-out form to pick topics that you are most interested in.

Book a Consultation. Anna Omni — concept photographer and digital artist in Riga, Latvia
Book a Consultation. Anna Omni — concept photographer and digital artist in Riga, Latvia

What is the Consultation about?

This is 1 hour of one-on-one photography guidance via online or offline (Riga, Latvia). This 1 hour session is tailored to go into your specific needs and interests. 

We can cover any of the topics that you are interested in:

- anything related to photography (where to start, lighting schemes, idea generation, etc)

- brief explanation of digital editing techniques

- guidance on analog / mixed media editing techniques

- feedback on your works, if needed

- feedback and tips on specific works that I made and how

- extra information on how to implement AI tools in your photography

How long does the Consultation last?

The consultation lasts for 1 hour

Where will the Consultation be?

It can be both, online or offline (Riga, Latvia)

What can I ask during the Consultation?

You can ask anything you want related to photography or editing, and I will share the maximum of my experience and expertise with you.

You can have a list of specific questions, or you can ask me to tell you more about a specific topic.

We can also discuss some of your current photography/editing works. So you get extra feedback from me regarding your current techniques and what you can change or add to your editing or photography techniques

Can I get feedback on my works?

Absolutely yes. You can get my feedback on your works with tips on where to improve or what else to try!

What is the language of the consultation?

It can be in Russian or English

Can I just ask you to talk about a certain topic without specific questions?

Sure! When you purchase the consultation, you will be sent out a fill-out form with topics that are interesting to you.

So if you don’t have any specific questions yet, we will just pick a topic and focus on it in the form of a lecture :)

Contact Form

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message through the contact form, or contact me directly through

- email:

- instagram: anna.omni

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